Apex.oracle.com is hosting Ask Tom

For those who are familiar with Tom Kyte and his site Ask Tom, this is now running on apex.oracle.com. Don’t believe me? Then compare http://asktom.oracle.com and http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=100:1.

The application was moved about 4 months ago after creating the workspace, the ASKTOM database user, an initial database import of database objects and data, importing application, changing all of the references to images and CSS’s in a custom /i/asktom_i directory to be Shared Components of the application, and then setting up proper definition in coordination with Global IT of this new Virtual Host and other Web Server configuration. Then it was just a simple matter of timing, to coordinate the DNS switch handled by Global IT handled and the Data Pump export and import was of-course done by Tom.

I always believed in the power of apex and always used in my couple of small to medium projects, it sure is the future of small computing. Couple of project I am doing are on Application Express and trust me it is something people should look into.

If you are interested and have any project in mind then contact me and I will design the solution for you.

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