Configure Sun JRE instead of Oracle Jinitiator

If you need to run application built on Oracle Forms 10g or use windows machine to develop Forms 10g and test then would you should change the following configuration so that the browser will not prompt you to download Jinitiator and will be use native Sun JRE/JPI.

There are four settings in formsweb.cfg (You can find this file under C:\DevSuite10g\forms\server Oracle Developer Suit Home or under C:\FRHome_1\forms\server If using Oracle Application Server) that will determine which version to use and where to download it:

jpi_classid – The ClassID of the Sun JVM to use (Internet Explorer specific)
jpi_codebase – Download location of the CAB file for the Sun JVM (IE specific)
jpi_mimetype – Used primarily for Netscape/Firefox but also passed on to IE
jpi_download_page – Download location of the JRE installer for Firefox/Chrome

You have the option for static or dynamic versioning. Static versioning mandates an exact version of Sun JPI to be installed on the machine, whereas dynamic versioning just states a minimum version and every higher version will also work. Here we will go with dynamic versioning to give as much flexibility to users:


Basically, the setting of IE=native or IE=JInitiator is no longer relevant because it determines if the setting for baseHTMLjinitiator (IE=JInitiator) or baseHTMLie (IE=native) should be used. Since I changed both base-parameters to point to the same file, this is no longer relevant.

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  1. hi
    i cant run oracle form
    when run forms show the html cods in the internet explorer

  2. Author

    I know its very frustrating but if you can provide more information about your environment will help me in understanding your problem and to suggest possible solution 🙂

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