Business Data Modeling

Designing conceptual business models and converting them into logical and physical models, creating a graphical representation of a business from the core concepts that describe the business to the processes that detail how the business operates. Using various data modeling tools to help companies discover document, and re-use data assets. Producing models easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases.

Conducting business analysis to understand operations and recommending enhancements to optimize computerization operations. Creating IDEFIX models, Entity Relationship diagrams for data warehouse systems, creating jobs, materialized views, writing data consolidation triggers, batch job scripts, drill down and analysis SQL queries, defining Dimensional modeling, hierarchies, attributes and data life-cycle procedures.

Database Management

Installing, configuring and updating Oracle database engine on windows and UNIX/Linux platform. Designing and implementing multi-node Oracle Real Application Clusters and disaster recovery site using Oracle Data Guard and streams. Installing and configuration of object partitioning and Data vaults.

Designed, created, implemented and tested Backup and Recovery strategies for all Oracle databases using RMAN, user-managed backups in Archive log and Non-archive log environment including the hot and cold backup scripts; Configuration and Installation of Oracle Flashback Technology and implemented RMAN backup and recovery, business disaster and resumption MAA strategies for various clients.

Investigating, recommending and implementing all new feasible database technologies and Oracle license management to increase efficiency, minimize operating expense and improve accuracy and timeliness of application systems.

Security and Auditing

Regularly involved in applications and database auditing, penetration testing of online internet based applications and recommending changes to secure the access.

Project Management

Initiated and completed data warehouse, database installation/migration projects. Development of online voters’ registration application, Law office management application, Remittance and currency exchange application and e-commerce processing platform to handle orders from different sources.
Training DBA’s on backup and recovery procedures (RMAN), Capacity planning, capacity monitoring/management, Perform transaction-sizing measurements, I/O distribution analysis, Monitor and tune database performance including SQL tuning and using effective database security practices and procedures. Directed DBA’s on maintaining optimized clustered database response time for core business application by providing design changes, index requirements and regular tunings..

Implemented production methodologies to optimize employee’s skill set and accomplishing tight schedules and developed Solution implementation hand books, database recovery manual, application hosting feasibility, project management and pre-sale processes manuals.

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