Facebook profile page Hack tutorial

The trend of tweaking the photo on Facebook profile page by making them look like pieces of one large photo was started by a French artist, and quite a few followed him for ‘refacing’ their profile page. After viewing his profile I thought of giving it a try so the first thing is to find a good picture which will be used as my profile picture and following are the steps I followed to get the thing done.

• First you have to activate the new Facebook profile page, if not done already and if you have, you’ll see your basic biographical information at the top of the page and, below that, a photo strip of five recent photos that have been tagged with your name.

• Select any new picture or crop any existing one that’s at least 692 pixels wide because that’s the width of the page from the left edge of your profile picture to the right side edge of the photo strip, for my profile I used 720 pixels wide image.

Nabeel Khan

Part 1

• You will also need a photo editing program that allows you to crop images and resize them, I use photoshop CS5. If you don’t have any image editing software then try an online editing service i.e. Photoshop Express.

• Crop your photo to 692 pixels wide, based on how you want it to appear on the page. The left-hand side of this image will be your profile pic and the right-hand edge will appear at photo strip.

• Crop the left side of your Photo by starting in the top left corner of your image and, moving down and right, the size of this cropped image should be 180 pixels wide and 540 pixels high, I used 180 by 400. This will be your new profile picture

Nabeel Khan

Part 2

• The profile picture you’ve just created will be 20 pixels higher or 75 pixels higher if you have biographical information listed like mine. To create the photo strip you’ll need to start the crop 75 pixels below the top of the image. Take a crop that’s 492 pixels wide and 68 pixels high. This crop will almost meet the right edge of your profile picture but not quite.

• Chop the photo strip image you’ve created into five pieces. The images in the photo strip are separated by a line two pixels wide so you need to make sure you leave those gaps. Essentially, what you need to do is this: starting from one side of the 492×68 image you created in step 6, crop an image that’s 97 pixels wide and 68 pixels high, then leave a two-pixel gap, crop another 97×68 image, leave a gap and so on. When you’re finished you should have five small pictures.

Nabeel Khan

Part 3

• Now upload the images to Facebook. First upload the image you created in step 5 and set it as your profile picture but don’t tag it with your name. Second, upload the small 5 images you created in step 7, and remember the order in which you tag them is critical! you have to tag them from right-to-left based on the order in which you want them to appear on the page. So the image that you want to appear on the far right should be tagged first and the far left image should be tagged last.

Final Part

Once done visit your profile page and invite your friends to show your handywork. If it happens to be that you are lazy to do this this yourself then use this site to do it for you, but the the final image will have the watermark on your image and remeber to resize before uploading the image.

Check Out the facebook profile page I did and tell me what do you think?

Happy Facebooking


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