New Features of Firefox 5

Mozilla released Firefox 5 on Tuesday by successively following accelerated update schedule. As expected, the updates to the new version is very limited with no much changes like what users saw from Firefox 3 and Firefox 4.

Firefox 5 released on Tuesday, comes with a redesigned user interface with some of new features. Features like “Tell websites I do not want to be tracked” which is accessible from the “Privacy” menu instead of concealed in the “Advanced” options, App Tabs,  which allow you to always keep your favorite web apps like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter open and just a click away by pining those into browser which can’t be closed accidentally and open automatically when you start Firefox and Tab Groups (also known as Panorama) are an easy way to organize a lot of tabs. With Tab Groups you can visually group related tabs, switch between groups and quickly search through all of your tabs.

The update also has a slide of improved support for CSS animations. Now they will also releasing a software developers kit (SDK) for Windows, Mac and Linux and a beta Add-on Builder for those interested in making add-ons for the browser which I will be trying for sure. With all what they have done they are still falling back in speed and performance when compared to Chrome. By the way IE 9 is also not bad when compared with other 2.

The only I ran into was the compatibility of add-ons with this version and other than that everything was smooth and I hope those add-ons will be updated soon so they are supported in Firefox 5.

So did you tried Firefox 5 yet? Let me know what your experience with it was this new version in comments.

Have a great day!

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